The Smile PratiKlub aims to create a dance practice space to consolidate the achievements or to integrate new knowledge, everyone at it own pace.


The primary intention of Smile PratiKlub is to provide its members with a safe space that is at all times comfortable, welcoming and fun for dance practices (Kompa, Semba, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxo). The goal is to be a private environment focused on collaborative learning where solidarity and respect are the core. Members come with the intention first to share dance knowledge together through practice.

Get to know more about our offer and the Club by reading our charter here


The Smile PratiKlub is as a complementary addition in the dance scene to the one currently existing (ie dance schools, festivals and others). The practices are more focussed on the development of each dancer in their personal growth rather than learning routines or choreographies.

Following aspects make the Club a special place for prospective members :

  • Community: an environment where dancers (experienced and beginners) meet to practice together and consolidate their achievements.
  • Collaborative learning: each member contributes and engages in learning activities
  • Personalized activities: member’s interests are taken into account when creating activities
  • Seminars: discussions related to dance is included in the Club’s activities
  • Studio use: the dance studio is available on reservation and free of charge for members


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    • Telephone : +1 418 2716271 (Smile) / +1 581 994 0118(Danika)


Emile Kamdem (Smile Kizz)

In addition to his career as a manager and his side occupations as serial entrepreneur, traveler and event planner, Emile is a passionate and versatile dancer (Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha since 2007 and Kizomba since 2014). He is now dedicating part of his work to implement various services for the dance community, with the vision to contribute to its growth around the concepts of : simplicity in learning, intercultural connections, pleasure in dance, etc. He is happy to be a co-founder of a space that is primarily practice-oriented. He will be happy to share with other like-minded dancers through this Club.

Danika Valade

Danika has had an interest for social dance since 2015. She started her dance journey in the world of swing (Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston, Jive) and she is passionate about kizomba for over a year now. She is still discovering the fine details of all the differents styles and she appreciates traditional kizomba as much as urban kiz and tarraxo. Committed to teaching and physical activity, Danika has a Judo black belt since 2012 and works as a physiotherapist. In fact, she taught judo for quite a while before focussing on her studies and her dancing. She is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​sharing her passion for dance in a club focussed on practices and exchanges.

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