Let’s smile to an inspiring dancing life of simplicity, positivity, joy and gratitude!



Smile’n’Dance is a concept, an initiative about Dance and Happiness that aims to grow internationally.

It is founded on the belief that the ability to love yourself is the most fundamental and most powerful skill you have to connect with yourself and help transform your life, and thus positively impact the life of people around you, for a greater togetherness.

Key elements to embody the Smile’n’Dance concept on a personal level include: Positive Growth, Enriching Connections, Evolving Creativity, Balanced Health (body-mind-soul), and Dance Happiness.

It translates to every dancer or aspiring dancer as a teaching/coaching method and a lifestyle philosophy that places the “self” and the “happy” at the centre of dance.

The dance families on which we base our concept today are:Kizomba dance (Kizomba/Semba/UrbanKiz), Latin Dance (Salsa/Bachata/Cha Cha), Caribbean dance(Zouk/Konpa). Others will add up as we go.

Our value proposition– which includes our coaching/teaching method as well as the events we organize – is described as follow:

    • Repertoire of simple dance moves as technical building blocks. We can coach/teach you on these simple moves everywhere around the globe and show how you can combine them to more complex moves while using your creativity.
    • Private teaching/coaching sessions of up to max 4 people (physically or online) with emphasis on building up from dancers’ strengths in dancing (with video recordings).
    • Private practice/dance sessions – locally at a dedicated spot – as well as at dance venues (both role Lead and Follow) around the globe -national and international – under the motto “I am your private taxi-dancer”.
    • Organized invitations to dance travel events to allow dancers to expand out of their local area with a support system in place: accommodation, food, transportation etc.
    • Organization of smaller dance events (house parties, garden parties, park parties, etc.) wherever possible.

As per the lifestyle philosophy, Smile’n’Dance is very much about expressing yourself while dancing and having fun in doing so, with the feeling of a harmonious musical conversation with your dance partner. Therefore, the emphasis is on mindset and attitude before anything.

Smile’n’Dance aims to be supported worldwide by a network of collaborators and so-called “generous dancers” – our Partners– that are eager to share their passion and lift-up others around them, under the same principles mentioned above.

Contact us if you are interested in joining our network as a partner or to take advantage of our teaching/coaching, when we are in the same area (have a look at our calendar) or if you would like to participate to any of our events.


Under the motto “Explore with Confidence”, Barefoot’smile (Artist, real name Emile..E’mile..S’mile..Smile) is actually working to spread the concept of Smile’n’Dance with an international focus.

Emile lives in Quebec City, Canada and keeps himself busy as an entrepreneur (various projects around connecting people) and a software manager at a tech company.

He has been a passionate dancer for more than 10 years (Salsa/Bachata/Cha Cha, Kizomba/Semba/Urban Kiz, Caribbean Zouk/Konpa) and,through his travels around the world, he enjoys spreading the “smiling” attitude while dancing, as a key element to dance happiness.

He dances mainly barefoot, which is his way to be completely connected with the dance, the earth, the music, the partner, and to make the “dance” moment count.

Besides dancing, he teaches/coaches privately, organizes and promotes events (Quebec City and other cities), and is an experienced taxi-dancer (various international events).

He also animates or co-animate few social networks like

His hashtags are: #yolo #smilendance #connectintensely #feelmusic #heartsfusion #barefootsmile #enjoythemoment #godeep

Visit Barefoot’smile social page here




Everyone who feels in sync with the core values of Smile’n’Dance as a concept is invited to Contact us and to contribute to growing the network, in a win-win collaboration scenario.

Right now, partners are the ones that contribute to this project in various ways with benefits for both sides: for them as well as for Smile’n’Dance. They participate in the content of this website, or to recording teaching modules or demos around the globe to further emphasize the concept,

You are welcome to join any time… Contact us for details.


Please find our public posts here, be it pictures, videos, quotes, music or anything we would like to share with you. We care for you and want you to see what we see and experience remotely what we have experienced.

Go to our post.

Checkout our playlist.

Your feedback or comments are always appreciated!




Smile’n’Dance deploys worldwide and aims to share with you the stories of each visited place in this section. Especially, the stories are about the highlights of the place, people, culture, dancing habits, food, customs and all the points that enrich the place and makes us feel so different and still very welcomed. Stay tuned and share your comments to our stories whenever you like.

Read our stories around the world

View our live videos around the world.


You attend many dance venues. You learn from different teachers. Sometimes you forget and you need a simple repertoire to take you back to where your level belongs. Or you just want to experiment very short dance patterns and enrich your dancing without having to think that much. This section contains a series of short patterns or figures done with several partners around the globe, in a self-explanatory way.

We invite you to inspire yourself with them for free. We will cover several dances as we go: Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxa, Salsa, Konpa, Bachata sensual, and many more.

Visit our repertoire.

Note: If you like it and need this to be taught in a set of combinations in your local area, contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a teaching plan and to come over to explain it all. We would also teach you how to create more complex combinations out of so simple patterns.




It is so great to dance everywhere around the earth: in a forest, close to the sea, in a city, in a garden, in a foreign country etc. This section presents several dancing demos we (my partners and I) have done here and there, randomly and without big preparation, having fun and joy in mind. We hope you will enjoy them and dance happily as we do.

Don’t forget… smile and.. DANCE to a happier YOU!

View our dance demos around the world.


We like to smile, we like to dance, we like to organize fun events where both elements are at rendezvous. Be it a road trip together, sharing an Airbnb, or going on a dance adventure in an unknown city in the world.

Stay tuned for our fun events here and join whenever you like. You are always welcome to be with us!

Checkout our events.




In case you are interested in booking us, this calendar will highlight our availability so that you know when and where to find us.

But don’t forget it is only an indication. Talk directly to us. We can certainly work it out to be with you, be it for a private session, a practice session, a workshop/boot camp session or a class of your choice.

Check out our calendar


Yeah, money! Although we try to keep everything cheap to free, sometimes money is required too to offer you the best we can. In such cases, you can send us payment through here. Everything is simple and straightforward.

Don’t forget: we want to dance. So, let us not waste time with this! smile.

Go here for payment.




You want to:

  • Grow as a person or as a professional with our concept of Dance?
  • Benefit from our private teaching/coaching sessions (+online, +international) with follow-up at venues?
  • Know more about our offer as private practice/dance partner – locally or at venues?
  • Be part of a dance trip we are organizing?
  • Know more about our small events wherever we go around the world?
  • Be part of our partner network and join the movement to create a ring of happy dancers?
  • Or simply mingle with us for whatever reason …?

Contact us 24/7 with the mean of your choice: Email/ Messenger/ Skype / WhatsApp/ Instagram

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